On sunday 21 february: Riding Morning in English

We’d like to invite you to a Riding Morning in English. Come and have a new riding experience – a full riding lesson in English followed by a debriefing session. 

The perfect excuse to improve your English and your riding at the same time!

dessins english revu blue catOur Scottish English teacher from Futur Proche Language Centre will welcome you at 9.00 a.m. to share an English breakfast and conversation. We’ll prepare some key equestrian vocabulary to be used during the lesson. Then into the saddle for a lesson in the original version without reading the sub-titles!

We’ll finish the morning with feedback and discussion, plus a good cup of tea and Scottish biscuits!
So, if you are interested ….Let’s go!

Affiche Stage english riding 21 février Bulletin d’inscription à la matinale anglaise. English riding 21 février à télécharger et à compléter avant de le remettre à Martine ou l’un de vos enseignants préférés.

crédit Norman Thelwell